Reveal Technologies

Solutions that make transit simple

For MTM, Reveal means almost all their operations combined in one technology piece, one platform for multi-user access. It’s any broker/middle man’s dream come true. The API is cloud-based, allowing for versatility in integration. Transportation providers can use the hardware they already have to access the system and its real-time schedule optimization, GPS, logistics management and other technologies. The Reveal application streamlines trip management for faster distribution and automated payment–no signals from a customer service representative needed. Google Maps and Google Transit quickly identify when public transit is the most appropriate option for a member, lowering transportation utilization costs. Medical facilities can also take advantage of web-based trip entry and real-time vehicle tracking to ensure their patients are transported in a timely manner. Overall, Reveal technology integrated into an application means improved customer service, call deflection, and efficient operation.

This project is still in its infancy stage, but the market has reacted favorably to the new brand look and feel.  The main goals are to achieve as much adoption as possible with our current transportation providers, but also engage transit agencies into acquiring the different software solutions provided.  Salesforce and Pardot will be instrumental tools to bridge communication gaps between the Communications and Business Development team.

Illustration, graphic design, creative direction
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