On the move!

Assessments and travel training

On the Move is a program sponsored by MTM, Inc. and it includes public transit services, such  as travel training and mobility assessment. Both of them are an instrumental component for transit agencies to increase their ridership. On the Move serves these agencies as a third party objective company that assesses riders with cognitive and/or physical disabilities to determine if they are eligible for ADA Paratransit, or public transportation.

The challenge when telling the story is obvious. People would rather travel by cab or be picked up than using public transportation, and a lot of riders, don’t even know how to use public transit at all. The tables turn to positive when On the Move is able to open doors for these riders to go virtually anywhere in the city, whereas before they were home bound with only access medical reasons transportation.  The resulting stories are compelling and inspiring.

The way we promote this service is with a mixture of inbound marketing and educational webinar events, where we invite all professionals and agencies to learn from our experiences and best practices. From mental illness, to bad weather, or technology available, our team share in detail the dos and don’ts periodical webinars that have generated a great brand awareness for MTM positioning it as leaders in this industry.  Lead generation plays an important role in these events, that get passed on to the business development team to track scores and qualification.


On the move!
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