MTM, Inc

Communities without Barriers

Transportation management for special needs riders is MTM’s core business.  The Communications team of which I am responsible covers a wide variety of tasks for both internal and external stakeholders.  In a nutshell, we provide brand guidance and messaging for the Business Development, Human Resources, Information Technology, and Logistics department.  Daily functions include content creation for blogs and social media, printed and digital collateral material to promote services, webinar production and promotion, photography and video production, inbound marketing drip campaigns, trade show coordination and promotion, and internal graphic and content support.


MTM’s brand brings forward a powerful message based on simplicity and transparency that applies to our member, clients, service providers, and employees; Communities without Barriers.

 MTM, Inc. is now witnessing a paradigm shift in the way Non-emergency transportation is done. The digital culture is taking over evolving traditional call centers into self service applications. Salesforce and Reveal are now instrumental in bringing transportation service to new levels.



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