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NYC Creative Direction and Branding

A newer marketing and branding project that has recently launched is the Taxi and Limousine Commission (TLC) Accessible Dispatch program. You’re looking at a total takeover of their newly expanded and improved Accessible Dispatch Program as its service area begins to include not just Manhattan, but all five New York City boroughs. What’s certain is that New York City is going to be easier to access than ever before, with wheelchair transportation being available on-demand for the first time. The creative efforts were very rewarding.


The goal of this project deployed twofold: engage with the passengers, but also motivate and inform the drivers to take more WAV rides. Messages and strategies were utterly different. Passengers can now Access the city like never before! While the driver is doing the right thing and make more money by accepting wheelchair-accessible rides.

Accessible Dispatch is one of those projects that makes you feel good at so many levels. Knowing that the company you work for can deliver services that help the community with disabilities increase their independence, and to see that one has the team to promote that message successfully just makes you go home with a smile on your face every time.


Video production

Critical parts for the success in this project was the collaboration with video producer Joanes Prosper based in NY and his talented crew. We produced one video to show a New Way for passengers with disabilities in New York to get around the city with ease.  The other clip targets the drivers with a positive message of support from the Taxi and Limousine Commission (TLC).


We also partnered with PR firm Sacks to coordinate events around the city, and one opening ceremony to launch the program. Our internal team tracks google analytics on the website to make sure traffic remains in a positive SEO trend, and app downloads continue to happen.  Through Salesforce Pardot, we focus on digital marketing sending and following safety tips to drivers, new events to passengers. Social Media is a high traffic generator for the passenger side of the website.  More in-person efforts apply from our Community Outreach team. It took over a year, but the program is gaining more and more ridership each day.

The branding

The Accessible Dispatch Program creative brand design is eye-catching and modern, yet retains the conservative feel of a government program. Slanted shapes are meant to bring the motion to the content, and also, a sense of inclusion by having a more literal representation of the boarding ramp. Current efforts include engaging with the community with disabilities to increase ridership while maintaining driver momentum to continue servicing WC rides.

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