Creative Direction and Brand Development

There is no place like home.

Our marketing and branding initiatives are more than just campaigns; they are a testament to our dedication to improving the lives of our patients and partners. When you choose Home Assist, you’re not just choosing a healthcare provider; you’re choosing a brand that signifies excellence and care.

From the moment you reach out to us, our marketing efforts ensure that you experience a seamless and reassuring process. We prioritize your health and convenience, aiming to have a Registered Nurse at your doorstep within 24 hours of your call. Our 24/7 call line serves as a beacon of reliability, offering an alternative to the emergency room, all thanks to our strategic branding efforts.

In our endeavor to be the top choice for physicians, we employ a comprehensive approach. Our branding strategies, including personal visits and consistent relationship-building, ensure that Home Assist becomes the first name they think of when their patients need post-discharge care. Our carefully crafted collateral materials and promotional items are designed to slowly but surely open doors to new business opportunities.

When it comes to the consumer market, we recognize the importance of a strong brand presence. Even with budget constraints, our branding efforts are evident in our web presence and targeted bulk mailers, which effectively reach our audience and convey our commitment to their well-being.

Our marketing and branding efforts are further enhanced by our continuous communication with our dedicated nurses. This feedback loop allows us to fine-tune our messaging and highlight specific services that resonate best with our clients. At Home Assist, our brand isn’t just a logo; it’s a promise of quality care, backed by marketing and branding initiatives that set us apart in the healthcare industry.

Branding and Creative Direction
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