Creative Direction and Brand Development

There is no place like home.

Home Assist provides home healthcare St. Louis. Also, it offers skilled nursing services and disease management for seniors since 2014.  When someone first calls, they are seen by a Registered Nurse in their home within 24 hours, especially if they are at high risk for re-hospitalization. The 24/7 call line is always available for patients to express health concerns or as an alternative to the emergency room. Home Assist understands the larger healthcare picture and finds ways like this to compensate for its flaws to convenience their patients.

This project represents an exciting challenge for both B2B and B2C.  A primary task is to get in the physician’s list of referrals, so they call Home Assist whenever they have a patient discharge.  For that, a more traditional approach is used with personal visits and establishing relationships built with consistency and time. Sound collateral materials and promotional items, slowly open doors to new business.  On the other hand, when tackling the consumer market, and when the budget isn’t as abundant as desired, web presence and bulk mailers to the specific areas do the job.

Keeping a fluid communication channel with the nurses allow us to fine-tune messaging and highlight specific services that might resonate better with our audience.


One simple element that has brought good feedback was the home page slider video. Without a sound, and in just a few seconds, we managed to showcase a full-service life cycle. Another element that we are still working on to make it into a brand differentiator is the nurse briefcase with the brand on it. It’s in a way, a reminiscence of the old leather briefcases that doctors would carry with them on home visits, and very often, a great conversation starter.

Branding and Creative Direction
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