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Creative Director Product Development For Busy Bees

Hive is an on-demand ride sharing app concept that’s truly different from other similar services is added level of service and safety for the riders. Drivers are specifically credentialed in non-emergency medical transportation and are passionate about making communities places for all to be engaged. As a proof of concept, this project has delivered a wealth of information and experience about how to streamline the transportation process for those passengers with special needs.

Putting the pieces together

Hive was born from intense collaboration between the Marketing department and the offshore Juggernaut (Clicklabs) app development firm, located in India. This app pulled a considerable group of technologies together: Twilio for automated SMS, Mandrill app for email distribution, Stripe as a payment gateway with dynamic pricing and fare split options, Google maps for route optimization and geo analytics, and MailChimp for email notifications. It’s a party in the Amazon web service cloud.

But before we rolled our sleeves with the project, we made sure we understood the needs or our riders.  Several focus groups allowed us to fine tune what really resonated with our riders. On the other hand, we also gathered knowledge by applying to other TNC companies as drivers to understand the different approaches in driver recruitment and credentialing.

Hive’s efforts and R&D results are being also applied to MTM, Inc. and Ride Right, LLC. for member and driver engagement and journey experience tracker.  It has also derived into a unique simplified version that is utilized for gas mileage reimbursement trips that sets time and location stamps of per-authorized medical destinations for MTM’s Medicaid members.

Creative Direction / Product Development

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