I was born and raised in Madrid, Spain,

where I earned Bachelors of Arts and Science degrees majoring in Communications and minoring in Computer Science at Saint Louis University. My professional path has always been aligned with my personal interests, linked to creative and technical fields such as design, production, advertising, photography, web and mobile app development and digital marketing.

In my early career

I was fortunate to work for dynamic agencies such a 2e Creative and Color Associates (now We are Alexander), where I learned from great professionals how to design to communicate. When my first daughter was born, my family moved back to Madrid and I, along with a partner, started a small agency called Suntrap & Asociados. In this entrepreneurship, we touched a great variety of projects, from catalog production, web design and development of small ASP applications, to jewelry photography and 3D illustration for professional radio station equipment. As the 2008 U.S. recession made its way to Europe, the majority of our local clients cut back on marketing spendings. Meanwhile, another dear client of ours who we’d maintained a relationship with for several years, MTM Inc., offered me to join their marketing team. And just like that, I was back in St. Louis.

Two things

I kept with me from Suntrap & Asociaodos are my love for photography, and deep respect for the concept “billable hours.”  Since 2010 I’ve served MTM as Creative Director, spearheading branding, UI, and inbound marketing projects for not just MTM, but also its affiliate companies, Ride Right, STAT, Home Assist, and Reveal. I’m proud to have been part of a forward moving company that I’ve seen grow from $60 to $500 million in my years with them, but I’m also always eager to find new challenges and broaden my experience in whatever my next endeavor will be.

Alfredo Diez
Photographer and Creative Director. Brand design / problem solver / story teller. Result driven.