Creative direction, marketing & photography

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I collaborate with teams to develop compelling branding and influential digital creative culture.

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I have always been drawn to visual arts and technology. The times we are living in these days offer a great combination of both for successful storytelling. Big data, IoT, social media, conversion rates, etc., all these buzz words offer one greater transparency of how users experience things. Whether a brand or an Instagram feed, what drives us is emotional triggers.  We feel, therefore we are.
As a creative director, my goal is to create compelling stories through visual media. Sometimes the goal is to create awareness for a cause. Other times, we are trying to persuade viewers into a specific behavior. The beauty of present times is that we have instant feedback or how much resonance our stories have on our target audiences.  A – B testing is more like A – Z testing to fine-tune and craft the perfect message. It’s the real-time era.
To achieve results in marketing, one needs to be persistently assessing new trends. Moreover, one must compare older data with current progress to maximize future responses. However, that doesn’t guarantee anything. Also, nowadays, trends change quicker than ever. You can see this happening every day. Micro-brands are popping out everywhere with new products. Startups are still on the rise more than ever. We live in times where possibilities are higher than ever. However, that increases the volatility of pretty much every train of thought or process within the advertising field.